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Watch Winder Billstone Pros and Cons

Are you considering buying a watch winder billstone? Learn more about its pros and cons first.


There must be some good reasons why people should buy a watch winder billstone. The very first reason why people do not want to spend a lot of money for buying this unit is that it can provide them with convenience especially if they have some automatic watch collections.

If you love watches, it is impossible to have only one automatic watch. You just want to buy more and more. Nevertheless, it is also impossible to wear them all. Even when you only have one automatic watch, you might not want to wear it all the time.

When you do not wear the watches, the watch winder billstone will be there to keep your watches ready to wear anytime you want them. You do not have to reset your watch anytime you want to change your watch since the watch winder can keep each of your watch collections ticking.

Of course, you cannot forget the fact that a watch winder is basically a storage device for your automatic watch collection. That is why it will be able to protect the watches kept inside it from some harms including the moisture that is the biggest enemy of your watches.

Last but not least, adding a watch winder in your home decoration can improve your home aesthetic further. If you choose the luxury watch winder, you can easily find its beauty and elegant effect in your room. The watch winder box itself looks great with its shiny polished wood and LED lights. When you keep your watch collection within, it can be a focal point in your room decoration.


Well, having a watch winder sounds like a great idea since it comes with various kinds of great benefits. However, you must not forget that you have to deal with some drawbacks when you have a watch winder at home.

When you do not wear the watch, it is basically just resting. The watch winder will keep the rotation of the watch even when you do not wear it. It can give stress to your watch especially when the watch winder comes with lower quality. Your watch can wear out faster.

You also have to pay a lot of money for buying a high-quality watch winder even though it is just a storage box with some mechanism. The magnetism of the motor can also be another drawback of the watch winder billstone since it can cause some issues especially to the hairspring of the watch that is pretty sensitive.

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