News: Adoptions Halted in Crimea

article-2584107-1C6924D600000578-623_634x419Crimea has reportedly been absorbed by Russia, and is therefore no longer accepting the authority of Ukraine. All in-progress adoptions are being rejected. My heart breaks for the American families there being told to return home, without their children while they still can, as well as all the orphans Russia is depriving of a future.

For anyone who wants more background on adoptions from the Ukraine, Kim de Blecourt is an excellent resource. She has written a book, Until We All Come Home, about her harrowing journey to bring her son home from the Ukraine.

UPDATE FROM PARENTS IN CRIMEA:  There are 22 orphanages with 3,600 orphans in Crimea alone. Russian troops are using orphanages as barracks and weapons storage. This will probably increase the rate of sexual abuse among the orphans. There is no plan to protect the orphans if military activity escalates. There are 118,000 orphans in all of Ukraine; their future is uncertain. Parents familiar with the Ukraine suggest that you contact Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans for suggestions on the best ways to help:

33 thoughts on “News: Adoptions Halted in Crimea

  1. At least it’ll stop utterly irresponsible [adoption agency name censored for liability purposes]’s families from purchasing/dumping kids they cannot afford. Hurray!

      1. You seem to forget it is AMERICAN ADOPTIVE PARENTS that are causing lots of Russian and Ukrainian kids to die — go google the Reuters Child Exchange investigative report. Or the news reports on Max Shatto, Selah Clanton or Nina Hilt.
        Or Hana Williams. Immanuel Williams.

        Thanks again! It’s thanks to folks like you that international adoptions will be permanently shut down! THe “oopsie, anybody could accidentally kill 19-20 Russian adoptees! No biggie! Way more would’ve died in the motherland!” that ensures adoptions from Russia and Crimea will never ever reopen!

        1. That’s sick. Have you checked the suicide rates in Russia to see how many Russian orphans are kicked out of orphanages and have no social or educational skills to survive in the world and therefor kill themselves?

        2. you are very ignorant about a lot of things families who cant afford kids arent allowed to adopt from the US side of things you must have a certain income (which increases depending on the family size and how many you kids you wish to adopt)
          oh and Selahs tragic accident in no way related to the fact she was adopted (in fact when the stroller rolled off the clantons biological son was also in the stroller)
          i’ll admit i dont know anything much about the other cases you mention although i did know that yuri was no longer with the winkles but last i knew he was in another loving home being cared for very well
          but really you wanna say hurray? it not the american additute towards the deaths that cause russia to ban adoptions it was politically and homophobically motivated
          and dont bother to mention the many adoptions that happen every year and save a childs life look at before and after shots like in this article (the little girl in the picture is actually a teenager look what neglect did and then what love to repair that)
          and i know of many children who would have died if not been adopted they were brought into loving homes and given the health care they should have got in their own countries of origin i even know of one child who was brought home and was told the surgury should have been done years ago and now her heart was too damaged to be able to safely do surgury
          i know too many stories of undernourished children and abuse within the orphanages but hey lets leave them all there because of a VERY TINY percentage of people
          i think i know the agency that you are referring to and i gotta be honest i dont like some of the stuff thats come out about them but i still dont think its a reason to deny many children the chance for a home and future
          i agree with other commentors please go get some help for yourself, failing that go move to Russia if you not already there or go win a darwin award

    1. Yes Kaylee, you are absolutely right…it is much better to see these beautiful children alone, abused, unloved and neglected in orphanages rather than given the chance to know the love of a family and get the medical care and therapies the so desperately need…SHAME ON YOU! Why do you even feel the need to comment such negativity? Move along and find somebody else to fire such hatred at.

  2. My heart breaks for these families that have loved and lost. These are real children and real families, families that are trying to put these children first and themselves last to do anything to bring these children home to a place where they know love and safety. I can’t think of anything more Christ-like.

    1. Except for the Russian and Ukrainian kids who ended up dead (Nicolai Emelyentsev, Nina Hilt, Chase Harrison, etc), horrifically abused (Masha Allen), exiled to dangerous places like the Montana Ranch for Kids, disrupted (Victor Reilly, Yuri Winkle, Freddy Shpak, Emmet Bedford, both Gardner kids,etc) or horrifically maimed (Selah Clanton, who woould have been SO much better off in the grim Ukrainian mental institution than with the Clantons, who accidentally dropped her in the Erie Canal strapped into a wheelchair).

      1. Yep Kaylee….go ahead and ignore the thousands and thousands of Russian and Ukrainian children who have been adopted into loving homes….who are thriving….and have a positive future ahead of them. Ask my sons if they would rather go back to a Russian orphanage to be dumped out into the streets to fend for themselves when they come of age. Ask them if they would have liked to have gone to bed these last 13 years, without a kiss goodnight from a loving parent….but instead have the very real threat of physical, mental and sexual abuse in their “safe” orphanage.

        Yep Kaylee….go ahead and ignore the thousands and thousands of Russian and Ukrainian children who will NOT be adopted into loving homes if Putin and his goons continue to have their way. You don’t have a clue.

      2. You claim that those things NEVER happen to natural-born American children who are with their biological families? Again, Kaylee, you are delusional. Please, seek professional help.

      3. you hare so ignorant she wasnt strapped into a wheelchair she was in a double stroller with her brother
        selahs mother is trying to win a van so she can take selah out more often lets show her some love it takes 2 secs to vote
        the mothers blog is listed there too go read the blog see the condition her daughter was living with in Ukraine and read the truth about the accident

      4. The Clantons- Selah was NOT STRAPPED into a wheelchair! She was in a jogging style stroller along with the Clantons bio son, it was accidental! Dad was quickly glanced at his watch but sun glare made him use thevhand on stroller to shade his wrist watchv when he looked up the stroller was rolling fastv and it went into water dad jumped in help came but she was under water to long! Im just pointing out to Kaylee the FACTS! IF YOUR GOING TO BASH FAMILIES AT LEAST KNOW WHAT FACTS ARE! You Kaylee should go visit an orphanage and then come comment! You cant believe everything you read Kaylee somethings you need to witnesses! Im a mommy to Chinese and Russian babies……God Bless your soul

  3. All children need families Kaylee, At least to give them a chance. Changing countries is a trama. I think is there was better follow-up adoptions at least for special needs might be open again. I no longer think Putin is the evil dictator he is made out to be. There is, however, mistrust and that ruins everything.

  4. WOW this should not be about any organization at all it should be about the children and what about the foster homes in the USA passing the kids around ??? Guess thats okay in your eyes huh Kaylee? You are a cold hearted piece of shit

  5. WOW…are we forgetting about the families that have poured their hearts souls and each waking thought into a child or children they have just learned today they are not getting now…a child they have grown to love, look forward to loving, providing for, rehabilitating and now they have to go to sleep knowing that that child is going to die? Google Katie Musser…look at all you can about how she is doing…yes a nine yr old child who came to her adoptive home from Bulgaria the size of a newborn baby due to malnourishment and severe medical and physical and emotional neglect…look at how she is exactly two short years later…walking …beginning to talk…think about her fate had she stayed in a bulgarian orphanage…and ask yourself…isn’t it actually worth the risk that maybe on some off chance the adoption does not work well for a particular family…I mean the child would DEFINITELY DIE otherwise…so…..the odds that they will come here and be LOVED and cared for are MUCH MUCH MUCH higher…

    1. It’s awesome Katie Musser’s adoption turned out well — yippee!

      The fact that rather a lot of adoptive parents — of kids adopted domestically and internationally — despite passing a homestudy, security checks, etc still manage to kill / abuse / disrupt the very children they were supposed to cherish and love forever.

      Biological parents are ENTITLED to raise their biokids. Raising somebody else’s kid is a privilege — and adoptive parents are accordingly held to a higher standard –why else would home studies, security checks, etc be required??

      Even the Ukrainian Embassy concedes something like 25% of older kid adoptions fail:

      Adoptive parents cruelly disrupt 3 of 4 kids inside a year! One after 7 weeks!!

      Adoption done wrong KILLS. Either we get serious about making the necessary reforms or international adoption will shut down forever. I don’t think it is fixable, so, as I keep saying — keep up the good work! Your efforts will certainly shut down adoptions!

      Crinea’s closed thanks to your efforts!!

      1. Kaylee, or whatever your new username will be next week, I’m sorry to see that you have such a hatred for these people. I really think you should seek therapy, it’ll do wonders for your outlook on life.

  6. UPDATE FROM A PARENT IN CRIMEA: “Attended a meeting this morning with others who serve in orphan ministry in Ukraine. Learned that there are over 2,000 orphans in Crimea. Russian troops are using some orphanages as their barracks and weapons storage. This will probably increase the rate of sexual abuse among the orphans. The situation is tragic. May God have mercy!”

  7. Kaylee. I’m sorry for whatever happened that should make you so bitter about adoption. It is never, NEVER okay for a child to be abused in an adoptive home but hundreds of kids are dying in their bio homes and that is not okay either. A recent article I read was about the Florida child protective services are having to review their policy on keeping families together at all cost when it was discovered in the last few years that 400 children died from abuse and neglect at the hands of their bio parents after the state had been called on that particular family. So Kaylee or what ever you name is. If you really care about families keeping their kids, would you please come up with and implement a plan to help keep kids safe in their original homes. If you aren’t doing any thing about their situation then I know you care nothing about kids and are doing this to get yourself attention (which I feel quite sure is the case). So go get a life and leave adoptive parents alone already.

  8. Kaylee, I adopted a little girl with Down Syndrome from Ukraine 5 years ago. We worked through Reece’s Rainbow. I fully admit that once we brought her home I did not stay involved with the group, even through our experience working with them was positive. I simply was done with the “adoption” side of it and more focused on adjusting my 3 bio kids and my new daughter with each other. I had not heard of the controversy surrounding the group. I want you to know that not all people who have used that group are violent, abusive parents. I know several who have adopted (one family adopted 3 kids, not all at once, but through RR) and all are doing remarkably well.

    Are there tragic cases of abuse and disruption? Yes. Are there cases like that domestically? Yes. You won’t have to look far to find these stories of people of people who have no business adopting. I hope they are held accountable for their actions. But I truly believe there is much good coming from adoption. Even those done through RR.

    As for us, we had a home study, we were required by our licensing agency to attending several parenting classes that talked about adoption, RAD, bonding, and life once the “newness” is gone and the reality sets in. It wasn’t easier because we went that route, and we weren’t denied the chance to adopt from the US. We knew the conditions facing orphans with special needs in Eastern Europe and wanted to help at least 1 child be spared the fate of an institution. We have room in our hearts and lives for more and are open to adopting again, domestically or internationally, if that door is open to us.

    I understand your wanting to keep the stories of those who were tragically killed and abused known. Their stories deserve to be heard so that their voices aren’t silenced even through death. Just please know we aren’t all like that. Just because I used RR 5 years ago does not mean I am some abusive neglectful parent… and I don’t believe I am the exception.

    Thanks for listening.

  9. Just to set the record straight, accidents happen. Selah and Sam were in an accident. They both survived thank god. We have turned our life into helping Selah progress, it has been slow, but she has 24 hour nursing care in our home, she has therapy daily from PT and OT. she has the very best of medical care. She is growing, she is healthy yes she has more brain damage now than she did before the accident( she functioned on a ONE year old’s level at an evaluation done 2 weeks before the accident) and we grieve over that. But accidents do happen, life is so uncertain but the one thing that is absolutely certain is we love Selah, she is happy (rarely cries only during some PT) she has done very well compared to what we were told she would do. Because of the accident, our lives have been changed in many ways, to benefit Selah. We do everything we can, we have done 80 sessions of HBOT in order to help her, she is in a fish oil study and we are starting a new study next week to see if a drug might stimulate her mind more. So while we grieve that the accident happened, we are so thankful that Selah is our daughter and that we can do all we do for her. She will never be alone again, she’ll never be hungry again or sick without someone taking care of her. She is loved by us and her nurses, we work together to ensure all her needs are met daily. We cheer every little new thing she is able to do. And we will never give up on her. She had no one that cared for her before us and you may think whatever you want, but you will be lucky if you get through life without something happening to you or someone you love, we live in a fallen world where all kinds of things happen daily from car accidents, to planes crashing, to whatever thing you can think of. No one wants an accident to happen and believe me afterwards you think so many “if onlys” but we are all human, and make mistakes, some mistakes are only made for 4 seconds (the amount of time the police said it took for the stroller to get away from my husband’s control) some mistakes are life long mistakes. having a hateful heart is a terrible way to live…. I usually never respond to or even read comments but I did on here and I’m glad I got a chance to share. Thank you all for the kind comments about our family. We have been shown so much love & compassion by so many over the last 1.5 years. I appreciate it when people look at our REAL life not just 4 seconds that changed so much……

    And to say “hurrah” about children who will be locked up in mental institutions that are already awful…and will become worse as conditions in the country worsen…. how sick is that? God help them should be our cry. I think sometimes people forget they will stand before God one day.

  10. And since no one ever focuses on Sarah our other adopted Ukraine daughter, she is doing great, she went from 19 pounds at 5.5 years old to 45 pounds at 7 years old. She went from being tied in a crib….I SAW them tie her down daily to walking with a walker. She also has therapy daily, PT, OT, ST, vision therapy, O&M (Learning how to cane)and anything else we can do for her. She survived scabies in her system for year, several different kinds of stomach bugs that we are continuing to have to fight with meds. she is learning to talk, she is the most normal emotionally stable child who is a love bug and loves her family. She still doesn’t know how to chew food since it was force fed down her throat 9again I saw them doit) but she now loves to eat pureed food with us and she smiles throughout her meals. She has learned to drink from juice boxes and carry them around with her…… guess she should have been left in Ukraine/

    Or what about our son adopted from China 8 years ago? You know the one we send to private school where he is almost TWO grade levels above his grade. The one who takes piano lessons, and has two little kittens that he loves and takes care of. The one who loves archery and being outside with his dad and brother….. Guess we should have left him behind too?

    I doubt that Shad, Sarah or even Selah would ever want to go back to the hellholes they lived in before we were blessed to be able to bring them into our family. I think adoption is a gift, to us and to them. I don’t think of those three as being adopted, it is hard to explain but they are our kids just as our bio kids are. All we want to do it to bless their lives and give them a future and hope.

  11. Yvonne – thank you for your bravery in opening up to us. Accidents do happen, and adoptive parents should not be held to a higher or lower standard than bio parents. 99.9% of people really do understand that. It is just that a very vocal few delight in others’ misfortunes. You can’t let that define you. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been dragged through, simply because you opened your home to children in need.

  12. I am friends with the person who originally gave the information about Russian soldiers in the orphanages in Crimea. It was second-hand information given in good faith, but he is now receiving conflicting reports. Yes, there is a humanitarian crisis and yes, we need to help. But we also need to be wise in how we do it, lest we harm those we intend to help.
    If you feel you would like to help, contact Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans. They are a Ukrainian organization that knows the culture and how to work within the system to accomplish the most for the children there. Please contact them for accurate information and ways to most effectively help.

  13. Out of the thousands of kids adopted every year, yeah thats a small number. How many American kids die in foster care each year? How many die in the birth families in America? How many die in orphanages in Ukraine? How many die in their birthparents homes in Ukraine? If you are going to quote numbers, at least have the intelligence to quote a denominator of what you are conparing it to. My two ukrainian daughters were severly beaten, starved, and neglected before being put into an orphanage, where they were further beaten and abused. My kids are doing great today, jobs, cars, and in college with straight A’s. I’d say that was better than rotting in a Ukrainian orphanage.

  14. As someone with Ukrainian heritage my heart breaks for these families who had been waiting or worse had chosen children they were waiting to bring home, and the children who now will never know a loving home.

    I guess someone needs to do her homework. She sounds like a very bitter girl. I won’t even guess why she is so embittered many scenarios are running through my mind, but for some reason she has joined the legions of adoption / adoptive family bashers.

    I do know there are scores of adoption bashers in the US one site in particular where the blogger lost custody of their children and some other adults / adult children from similar situations have joined in cheering her on as they also resent adoptive parents “acquiring” the children of others.

    She seems to have no genuine care for these children and is using these isolated cases for her own agenda (and NOT really to advocate for the children).

    She also seems to have no awareness that these Adoptive families have NOT stolen these orphaned children. The children are languishing in orphanages with some of the worst conditions imaginable for one reason or another. I guess in her closed mind that’s better!

    Not only are these newborns most often left in the hospitals by their Mums just days… days after she gives birth (walking out never to look back) but these children are often taken away from their families due to neglect and abuses of the worst kind or drug use and other criminal activity such as exploitation of these children…by these families that have LOST custody of them…and then again in orphanages…and then by pimps when the gate to the orphanage is opened on their birthdays as they age out at 16.

    Government run facilities have their own problems with raising masses of children. I am just sick thinking of the bleak futures of many of these orphaned children…as adoptions continue to close.

    Romania’s history and their treatment of their orphans was never good…and they closed so their children are growing up institutionalized, Russia closed their adoptions and now parts of Ukraine claimed by Russia! Sadly the rest of Ukraine cannot be close behind. :'(

    Yes there are adoptions that get disrupted, and yes of course there are people who have no business adopting! There are ALSO people who have no business birthing their own children, in my opinion!

    But to be fair, there are also parents who although they completely adore their children, and would go to the end of the earth to do anything for their children, sometimes it is just not enough. Until they are in their homes there is no sign of the magnitude of how ill they can be. When they are removed from their routine, their environment…the stuff hits the fan.

    Like lifetime prisoners that is their normal and the homelife is not.

    Some children, institutionalized abused and neglected children they come home with (not just disabled but very emotionally disturbed children) are often not only not safe without 24 hour care, but the other children (and yes sometimes even adults) are not safe in the home with them. There can be no denying that some of the abuses and neglect these children have suffered are often the very breeding grounds for people who grow up to abuse and rape themselves…the prisons are filled with crimimials with these very same stories and history. There are many many success stories, but there are many other stories where just bringing these children home does not always end the cycle that they endured that landed them where they were… when they were found by willing, loving parents.

    I have a friend whose son was raping the other children (boys and girls). They had to remove him from the home…But “adoption is forever” the naysayers would say… How can you bring him him and then “send him away?” If you have a child in your home, that is raping your other children.. the rapist child having been “adopted” is not the issue…it is only the issue to people like kaylee or people with successful adoptions, children who adjusted. A biological child raping their siblings should be removed and placed in an appropriate setting as well because the siblings are in danger. That is a disturbed child and by just giving them your surname does not make then, their history or your homelife normal.

    But…there are countless Russian and Ukrainian children who have been adopted into loving homes…kids thrown away by their bio families…kids thriving and being loved now.

    Youtube is filled with way too many videos showing the horrific conditions in these places, you only have to look to see. I am guessing she does not want to see, she has already made a decision to have no positive feelings regarding those success stories and that is why I see her reaction as selfish, bitter, trolling behavior. When you are completely against the whole concept of adopting you have much deeper issues than the the topic of “abusive american parents” you are touching on. Much deeper details below the surface!

    I started this to voice my concerns for the children that will be left behind. I absolutely do not believe in feeding the trolls…I have areaway given her way too mud of my time here.


    1. Pardon the typos and autocorrect mistakes. I even deleted an entire passage regarding street children that end up in detskii dom! I hope you are able to understand all that I meant! God Bless to Ukraine…God Bless to the children!

      Моліться за УКРАЇНІ!


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