Please Vote: Is State Department Devious Or Just Incompetent?

imgresThe international adoption numbers from FY 2013 are in, and it appears that the State Department is single-handedly killing international adoptions, right along with the Hague Convention on Inter-Country Adoption.

31 out of 67 Hague partner sending countries had ZERO adoptions by U.S. families in 2013.

This is the same convention that child welfare advocates fought so hard for. The same convention that State Department strong-arms countries all over the world into joining.

Is this ironic incompetence, or is some darker force at work? Is State Department intentionally shutting down international adoption?

Friends insist the two choices in the title are not enough. They suggest the following multiple choice options:

(a) Devious (i.e., insisting countries join Convention, then using that as an excuse to stop adoptions)
(b) Incompetent
(c) Apathetic
(d) All of the above.

Votes below, please.

5 thoughts on “Please Vote: Is State Department Devious Or Just Incompetent?

  1. Certainly … D, all the above! And, I can also add many others! … However remember … DOS (& I also include USCIS) are not in the business of Child Welfare & they will unanimously tell you that!. They only “process” government forms, validating authenticity & verifying legal eligibility according to child immigration law … they do not nor are they responsible for “protecting” the individual child’s future welfare. Yes, I understand “it is what it is” … but that is the very reason why the “whole system” doesn’t work anymore & needs to change!

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